Our Strength

At JEC, we enhance the productivity and profitability of our industrial customers. Our success quotient is mainly because of applying innovation, efficiency and professionalism in all the projects that we undertake. Our innovative refractory solutions are offered to industrial customers across the UAE.

JEC milestone is achieved due to our forte in the relevant areas:

  • In-depth know-how of regional industrial requirements
  • In-house research unit devoted to Refractory Development
  • Delivers Quality and Cost-effective Refractory solutions
  • Quick response time. Minimizes downtime
  • Well-equipped with Brokk demolition machines
  • Experts in Specialized Scaffolding



Employees of our refractory are absolutely accountable and responsive. They are experts who can optimize your refractory performance. Our workforce comprising of Refractory masons, gunning material applicators and refractory carpenters undergo a meticulous selection process based on their qualification and work experience before they are recruited.

Moreover employees at JEC attend regular training sessions and are up-to-date with the latest installation procedures and techniques. Training the team ensures quality refractory installation job execution at all times.