Refractory Services
Our Refractory Division is well equipped with latest technology tools and equipment, which helps to assure the quality installation of any bricks with mortars, castables and gunning materials, executed by our professional staff.

Our team adapts the latest technology to formulate reliable refractory solutions and install them at the industrial premises and prevents the non-availability of industrial machines at all times.

Refractory Division services

Refractory quality design

Refractory consultation

Actual refractory condition reports

Support in selection of suitable materials

Installation of refractory brick lining

Installation & application of gunning material

Turnkey installation of refractory material

Refractory material logistics

Supervision of any refractory works


JEC, being industry experts in refractory applications in the Middle East, meet the specific needs of its clients by offering optimum refractory solutions and quality technical services. JEC primarily caters to industries that have high-temperature Kilns and furnaces which require regular maintenance.

Our team of professionals execute refractory work and quality installation services for diverse industrial sectors that include Cement and Lime industry, Aluminium industry, Steel and Iron industry, Foundry etc.

Due to rising costs and stringent environmental regulations, use of refractory applications for industrial machinery are in great demand. At JEC, we ensure timely usage of refractory applications that increase furnace life and prevent wear & tear of industrial machinery. Furthermore help industries with greater energy savings.

Importance of Refractory Process

Refractories serve as vital components of any industrial heat processing operation because they are used during heat and chemical processing of all commodities. Reasons why the refractory process should be done regularly are as follows:

  • To provide total protection of the industrial heat processing equipments like kilns, boilers, incinerators etc that are very expensive machineries. Regular refractory services prevent thermal damage and extends the lifespan of the machinery.
  • Refractories wear out with use and needs to be replaced or repaired to protect industrial workers from fatal injuries and extreme heat environments.
  • Factory downtime can cause huge losses if maintenance of the machinery is not done or if it breaks down. Regular refractory process offer protection against lost production and serve as a protective cover against downtime.